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We are an award-winning web design & graphic design studio.

We bring our discerning eye and intuition to the conversation about your brand’s dream for itself. And we translate that dream into the designs your brand was born for: graphic designs & web designs with distinctive artistic features, qualities of imagination and individuality, and just the right vibe.

Award-winning web design & development serving Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus and beyond.

You love your brand. You’ve created it. You’ve nurtured it. And now, you’re ready to rock it with a website design that is savvy, smart, and downright awesome. We do that sort of thing, with accolades to boot.

Website Design

Your web design is your brand’s virtual life. It speaks to, communicates with, and serves your audience & target market. So that begs the question: Is your website giving your brand the life you want it to live on the World Wide Web?

A professional website by A LA MODE designs marries gracefully modern graphic design with search engine-friendly and people-friendly web development. The web designs we dream up for you are a swell and smart and slick or subtle as your lovingly crafted brand really is. Our designs live up to your ideas like that.

We do our thing so you can do your thing and do it more like you. We bring together our award-winning graphic design with smart, creative web design to develop a distinctive web presence for you. We breathe virtual life into each client’s brand through designing a distinctive web presence especially for them. And we’ve got the technical mojo every website deserves. We build websites that launch our clients’ dreams to the next level and increase their profile on the web and beyond.

So what do you need in a website or eCommerce design?

Graphic Design

There’s something to be said for real and honest artistry. It gives a sense of purpose to every detail, stirs imagination, and connects with people. It speaks the language of its beholder. Our graphic design does that sort of thing. Read More.

Brand Identity

Creating a consistently compelling visual brand identity starts with logo design. Your logo is the most elemental part of your brand identity’s visual form. A visually arresting logo design creates instant caché for your brand. Read More.


We’re intuitive. We listen…really listen. We pick up on your vibe, capture your passion, and hone in on what makes your brand so unique. Then, within the walls of our design lab, we immerse our studious minds and creative souls in developing a masterful web design and development solution of brilliant functionality and authentic expression to help launch our clients’ dreams to the next level and increase their profile on the web and beyond.

The web designs we dream up for you are as swell and smart and slick or subtle as your lovingly crafted brand really is. Our designs live up to your ideas like that. We do our thing so you can do your thing. And do it more like you. So, let’s talk about hiring us.

We live and breathe our creative life so our clients’ brands can live and breathe theirs. Established by a dynamic him & her creative duo, we dream up imaginative graphic design, brand identity, and website design for our talented clientele. While we’ve planted our innovative award winning Akron-Canton web design & graphic design company here on sweet Ohio soil, our quirky coterie of clients connect with us from all over the midwest and beyond. [We don’t let little things like time zones phase us.]

We craft a one-of-a-kind visual brand identity especially for each client, so each one is set apart in their market. The foundation of every client project we undertake is authentic expression. Every detail we create is purposeful and intuitive, and each one becomes a proprietary element of your unique brand identity.

Always custom, ever detailed.

Now let’s see what we can create for you:

Graphic design, including

Web design and development, including

Your website should be as unique and custom as you are.

Serious about creating a compelling presence online? We’ve got your web design elixir.

Award-winning Package Designs

You’re an inventor of awesome ideas. We can help you take those ideas and turn them into awe-inspiring products in awe-inspiring packages. Give your stellar idea shape, form, and substance with attention-getting package design and market-savvy product design and development.

Full disclosure: We’re pretty freaky about packaging design and product design. The process. The substrate. The typography . Oh, the typography. But it’s not all about us. We understand all the things a smart, purposeful package can do and how to showcase your product in its best light.

Our delight in creating award-winning package designs is topped only by seeing the exuberant smiles on the faces of our wonderful clientele as their packages adorn the shelves of coveted retailers and boutiques, get notice from important buyers, and grace the pages of well-known magazines [which ensues many a happy dance].

And that’s why we don’t rest on our laurels. We keep ourselves on the cusp of what is fresh, modern, and authentically good in all things design – graphic design, brand design, and logo design, to name a few. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Attention-getting Products

When it comes to product and package design, we keep ourselves on the curve of what is fresh, modern, authentically good, and all that is hip-fully revisited and reinvented. We’ll bring our award-winning designer’s eye to your concept and develop it into a current and well-crafted product design your ideal customers can’t wait to get their hands on.

Browse our work for product and package designs we’ve accomplished on behalf of our clients’ awesome ideas. Or send us a note about your idea. We’ll help you go from concept to finished product. In a really nifty package.

Print Materials

Eye candy. You know what we’re talking about print literature with style, emotion, swag. And yes, you need it.

At A LA MODE, we are skilled in the discipline of brand anatomy and known for creating award-winning and cohesive print communications that capture a brand’s signature style and express its voice with simplistic clarity. The design of the messages you send forth into the world should speak language that your right people recognize as you.

Does your letterhead and envelope reflect your brand identity? Do your other printed pieces—your business cards, brochures, and posters—reinforce what you and your business are all about? Because every message you send out on company letterhead, every communiqué you seal into an envelope, every business card you hand deliver, is an opportunity to continue the conversation with your right people.

Cohesive print communication is an integral component of your brand identity. You know, so everything you send out looks and feels like you. And we want your right people to be very clear about who you are.

We create complete stationery suites for business and personal brands for Akron, Canton, Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio & beyond.

Taking your brand to press? Excellent! Around here, we’re unabashed paper freaks. We’d love to help translate your story or collection into an artfully designed multi-page printed piece for your right people to enjoy. Check out a sampling of the stationery suites and print materials we’ve custom designed for our clients. Or send us a note about hiring us for your project.

Brand Identity

Brand identity design and development is at the heart of what we love to do. Many an afternoon you will find us in the studio absorbed in the study of a brand’s DNA. We dissect its artistic features and qualities of individuality. We marry those attributes creating compelling logo design and visual communication components birthed from the brand’s own unique identity. And then, we watch as the design takes its first breath. We don’t know who is more excited, us or our clients. The process of branding begins with an understanding of the fundamental and distinctive characteristics that make you YOU! We get that. We live that.

Shouldn’t everyone feel that way about their brand?

Creating a consistently compelling visual brand identity starts with logo design. Your logo design is the cornerstone of your brand identity’s foundation. A visually arresting logo design creates instant caché for your brand and elicits a favorable, take-action-now response from your right people. Brand identity design and development is an up close and personal process. When your brand is being its best self—in all of its graphic glory—people notice.