logo design & brand identity

Brand identity is at the heart of what we love to do.

Creating a consistently compelling visual brand identity starts with logo design. Your logo is the most elemental part of your brand identity’s visual form. A visually arresting logo design creates instant caché for your brand and elicits a favorable, take-action-now response from your right people.

Up close and personal.

Brand identity design & development is an up close and personal process. If you let us, we’ll move into your world for a while and get lavishly comfy there.

We’ll figure out what makes your brand’s heart beat. We’ll use our intuitive design skills to craft an identity that reflects who you are at the very core of your brand and give it life. From an effective logo design to a complete styling of your brand from color palette, typography and secondary logo designs, we create a brand presence that is as unique as you are.

And we’d love it if you’d invite us back into your world again and again. [We’re long-term relationship-type people.]

Our clients find themselves really coming into their own when we re-launch their brand identity beginning with a new logo design.

Amazing things begin to happen. Elevated brand profile. Wished-for contracts. Awards and accolades. Passionate new customers. Exciting press. Vendors come a-courting.

People notice.

When your brand is being its best self – in all its graphic glory – people notice.

We’ll let no strand of your brand’s DNA finery escape our expert attention. We recognize what’s uniquely wonderful about you and interpret it through the media of color, texture, paper stock, or pixels — wherever you’re at.

Contact us today to talk about a new or revitalized logo design for your Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Ohio business or personal brand. Thinking bigger picture? Send us a note about your brand identity design and development needs.