Blog Design for WordPress on the Thesis Framework

Blog design and development

We specialize in blog design and development for WordPress built with the Thesis Framework.

A blog is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and returning to your site again and again. It’s also one of the best ways to enhance your website’s search engine rankings. When you’re continuously feeding new content to Google in the form of great blog posts and other juicy resources that align with your site’s topic, you’re letting Google know that your site is important. And in turn, Google bumps your website up a little higher in the search rankings. Nice!

WordPress Blog Design Services.

Your living, breathing brand deserves a blog design that reflects how terrific it really is. So that your audience feels inspired to get comfy with it and hang out for a while.

Most dedicated bloggers soon outgrow a free template. Serious bloggers want a custom, detailed blog design that aligns with their established brand identity. And site visitors tend to trust information that comes from a professionally designed website over that of free blog templates.

We’ve got your blog design and development covered. Handled. Finessed. Rocked.

See some of our blog design and development work in our Case Studies.

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