Ayr Custom Cabinetry

genus: print design & catalog design

type: Ayr Custom Cabinetry

locale: Nappanee, Indiana

[ADDY Award Winner]

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. –William Morris.

Ayr Cabinet Company lives and breathes the value of craftsmanship. For more than 46 years in the heart of Indiana’s Amish Country, this team of passionate artisans pour their heart & soul into each and every piece they craft.

We worked with Ayr Cabinet to create a custom print piece that resonates the beauty & detail of all they do. From the authentic wood cover branded with their identity to the design details on the luxurious interior pages & the metal hardware that binds it all together, we created a custom print design that is unique and detailed… perfectly Ayr.