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Peace Rose by Tatine • Package Design by Rebecca Snyder • A LA MODE designs

First of all: full disclosure. We’re pretty freaky about packaging.

The substrate, the typography, the details, the printing method, the finish… the endless possibilities that embody the soul of your brand and your product. We know all the things a smart, purposeful package design can do. [And we’ve seen firsthand where it can take our clients.]

You’re an inventor of awesome ideas. We can help you develop those ideas into unforgettable products in awe-inspiring packages. We care about making you stand apart in your industry. We put our hearts and creative talent to work, so you stand out. We totally get that whether a product sells or not hugely depends on its packaging.

Presenting a product in its best light begins with the right package design. Retailers know that shelf appeal is a big part of selling a product. We design packaging with your right person—and your product’s success—in mind. The package designs we create harken from the gourmet food industry to artisanal handcrafted goods and in-between. Our clients have successfully taken products to market whose packages we’ve designed and have scored some pretty great packaging design awards, not to mention landed notice with important buyers.

Attention-getting product design & package design.

When it comes to product design and packaging design, we keep ourselves on the curve of what is fresh, modern, and authentically good. We’ll bring our award-winning designer’s eye and perspective to your concept and develop it into a current and well-crafted product design your target market can’t wait to get their hands on.

In need of package design for your Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Ohio business? Or from a place beyond? Browse our Case Studies for product and package designs we’ve developed on behalf of our clients’ awesome ideas. Or send us a note about your awesome idea. We’ll walk with you from concept to finished product. In a really nifty package.

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tatine candles. dark, wild and deep collection. package design by rebecca snyder. alamode designs, an award-winning design studio located in canton, ohio
tatine candles manufactory des fleurs package design by alamode designs rebecca snyder.