Rebecca Snyder

Rebecca Snyder is an award-winning graphic artist and designer. Today, her designs for the page, for packaging, and for the web glisten with a bespoke, modern energy and fairly seem to breathe each client’s unique identity. Her clients sometimes like to think that she is inside their heads, teasing out the vision they have carried in there all along. Truly, her flair for design lies in the uncannily intuitive connection she makes with each client’s brand.

Her signature style is evidence of a life lived rapt with inspiration: from the salvage yards and flea markets of small towns to the breathtaking architecture of big cities and the cobblestone streets of the south. Known for her glittering clarity in brand communication through creative design and her trustworthy professional grace, she lavishes in the smallest of details and insists on individuality for every client.

A self-professed paper freak, there are few moments in the design process more satisfying to her than getting that printed piece back from the printer, swirling her finger lightly over the finish, and breathing in the perfume of paper.

Matt Snyder

Matt Snyder is A LA MODE’s resident techie and web developer. A natural born computer guru, he builds his own computers. For fun. Natch. Humble, self-effacing Matt is a maestro of computer language. Well-versed in HTML, WordPress, and CSS, his technical bravado is outshone possibly only by his quietly roguish wit. Steady and persevering in his desire to problem solve for A LA MODE’s clients, he is a veritable fount of ideas for troubleshooting technical issues.

Doggedly thorough, detailed, and solution-oriented, Matt can tell you what SEO is, why your website needs it, and how to make it happen. Clients in need of tech service breathe sighs of relief thanks to his approachable style.

Matt also works as A LA MODE’s studio photographer. An artist behind the camera lens, he provides clients with professional quality photography when called upon.

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