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The science of graphic design & brand identity is our forte.

The imaginary lab in our studio is lined with shelves of apothecary bottles. Each bottle is brimming with artful solutions and rare elixirs, the stuff of dreams and identity and masterful visual communication. This is the space in which we dwell when we dream up designs for you. Full of possibility and packed with purpose and specificity, manifesting and articulating your brand in its best light.

PRO Fumare by tatine : candle package designs by A LA MODE designs

Always custom, ever detailed. We craft a one-of-a-kind visual brand identity especially for each client, so each one is set apart in their market. The foundation of every client project we undertake is authentic expression. Every detail we create is purposeful and intuitive, and each one becomes a proprietary element of your unique brand identity.

ayr custom cabinetry : print design & catalog design

We live and breathe our creative life so our clients’ brands can live and breathe theirs.

Rebecca Snyder, our founder, lead creative, and graphic designer, has art in her DNA and an uncanny talent for embodying a brand’s design in its purest form. With her intuitive eye and artful hand nurturing the designs we craft in our lab, we take what’s in the confines of your mind and give it life. We delight in the soulful properties of a cohesive brand identity – one that isn’t superficial, but rather exudes a profound sense of belonging. We delve into the anatomy of your brand and examine its innermost structure. Then, layer upon layer, we build or refresh your brand’s face to the world through our array of graphic design services.

humble roots. honest farming. the leaf and bell heritage farm

attention-getting product design & packaging design

garden + forest infusions candle package design for tatine

award-winning graphic design agency.

Just imagine:

  • a thoughtfully and purposefully created logo design that points your brand boldly in the direction it wants to go.
  • eye-catching packaging design that fashions your brand in a style all its own.
  • brochure designs that depict what your brand is all about.
  • print design and ad campaigns that engage your brand’s audience.
  • stationery suites that carry your brand identity anywhere you want it to go.

Doesn’t your brand deserve that kind of attention?

We believe it does. Let’s talk graphic design. In need of a website, too? We create award-winning graphic design websites that also garner attention for your brand.

A LA MODE designs offers award-winning graphic design, website design & brand identity services for Akron, Canton, Cleveland & Columbus Ohio and beyond.